Annapolis 2 

the old capitobuilding l 

the annapolis museum.. coming back to this one 

main street 

if it's got a horse and buggy, it has to be quaint and charming 

Anne Arundel County Courthouse 

We went to the boat show - there were lots of boats, all out of anyone's price range, and we spent $15 on an eagle decal to replace my shabby hand-drawn eagle on the transom gate.

The true joyh of the outing was the gorgeous weather - 74 - and the beautiful historic district. 

I'll let you take a walking tour with us via photography!

a cool picture 

our next boat......... in our next life! 

Bill enjoying a Pusser's Painkiller

another cool old house 

St Anne's Episcopal Church 

more main street 

the city's oldest inn 

okay, so I'm a storefront junkie - note yacht basin at end of street

cadets with not so much as a hair out of place, eating chocolate ice cream and tempting fate 

As you can see, this is a gorgeous town, filled with history, and a pleasure to explore.  We'll probably come back later and see some ot the sights without the crowds of the boat show.  The dogs were comfortably ensconced in an undergorund parking garage (half price!) and were glad to see us when we got back - we were glad to sit down! 

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