Another Openin', Another Show..

High strung, excitable dogs are delighted to attend art show!

Short page - just a mention of this past weekend.  The Morehead City Boat Show included an art fair called ARTRAGEOUS.  Since it was not a juried show, there were all sorts of vendors there - some of them artists others not, I managed to sell 5 paintings (yay!) but the crowd was basically interested in trinkets and 'Elvis on Velvet" stuff.  New display - thanks to Bill, quick set-up and quick break down.  My hero.

The boys joined me on Saturday and generated a lot of interest (in them, not in my deathless works of art,)

We were located across the street from the big charter fishing boats and joined in the crowd of lookie-loos when the catch was tossed on the pier.  New friend and fine photographer sent me a picture of the 'sad fish."

These fish cost about $485 a pound!

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