Day 8

We decided to come back via Baraga and stay at the state park - bad idea.  The Baraga State Park is nestled between a railroad track and Highway 41, (Talladega North.)  To get to the beautiful shoreline of Keweenaw Bay, you need to take you life in your hands and paws and literally run across the highway.  Now, I don't run - usually.  If you ever saw me run you would understand,  but it's not likely to happen.  The campsites were relatively open, so there was little or no feeling of woodsyness.  The people were nice, of course, that seems to be the norm in the state parks.


Day 9

A grey and rainy start to the day - hard to let it get you down when you know it probably will change in a few hours.  Broke camp and headed down through L'Anse where we picked up 6 pasties at the local VFW.  8 miles later, we pulled over to a roadside park with a trail to Canyon Falls.


What a treat - about 1/4 in, the Bacco Creek runs under the trail and joins up with the Sturgeon River, and then the fun begins.  Cataracts, rapids, tree dams all the way down, and the water music was fabulous.  When we arrived at Canyon Falls, a nice young couple took our picture.  After taking about 4000 of my own pictures we headed back and took pride in getting our exercise for the month.


After a lunch break at MickyD's in Iron Mountain, we traveled seriously south to Marinette, and Ken's house where we set up camp on his sidewalk.

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