It's Easter, and I'm updating our site while Bill heads out on the dinghy in a stiff breeze to do a little fishing.  So far, I haven't held a pole, as I have an aversion to choppy seas and it's supposed to get windier.  Who knew?

At any rate, we did a little dinghy riding the other day and had a chance to admire the historic homes along the waterfront.  This is really a nifty place - the islands are almost swimming distance from the waterfront, so I'm going to grab my heavy weather gear and we'll take the boys to Sugarloaf Island, across from the Sanitary Fish Shop and Restaurant (neat place) in Morehead City.

First mate Jane soothes the captive crew

Baylor looks heavenward, imploring God for rescue.

Lucky takes it all in stride!

There is a historic site tour that I want to take to learn more about these homes and others - most date from the 1750's through the early 1800s.

Cappy Bill runs the dinghy (pardon my finger)

Our next boat

Another sign of economic hardship in Canada.

The view from the waterfront.

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