Hurricane Earl creeps in 'on little cats feet. '

Looking Earlward

Even the gulls are bored.

So, after caulking and clearing things up, Bill came back down from the bridge and we waited for the storm.  He took the dogs for a walk - we took a nap (occasionally disturbed by hard rain.)  Then, since nothing was happening, we decided to take the dogs to Gardiner County Park - "the most dog-friendly park in Long Island."

Pretty nice trails, dog baggie dispensers and garbage cans everywhere

Lots of room to roam - at the end of a leash.

After a pleasant little jaunt during which we all discovered how pathetically out of shape we are, I took some pictures of local flora.  Can anyone tell me what this is?  It has berries growing serially on a stem like grapes, they are more flattened - the vivid heliotrope is very much integral to the plant - ideas?

September 4 - Carolyn Shaffer wins the detective  of the day award for guessing 'pokeweed" subsequent rummaging through the images on Google have proved her absolutely right - and to think that there is a powerfully toxic weed out there that didn't first grow on our farm!!

Carolyn also suggested that the animals might want to have their opinions expressed about this big adventure, so I inquired of them "whassu?"  The cats didn't even open their eyes, but Baylor rolled his.  "When are we going back home again?  This vacation really sucks."  Bucky just looked mournful - his specialty - a look he saves for those who don't know him.  (That way he gets petted and sheds all over everyone - dog humor.)  When we got back from the dog park yesterday, Baylor announced that he was not leaving the truck and had to be unceremoniously hauled out of the vehicle.  I'm just guessing, but I don't think he's having fun yet.

Bucky practices his mournful look for the ducks.

BIG EARL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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