Carolina Beach State Park Marina

After hugs and goodbyes, we finally left our cozy (if somewhat decimated) slip at Town Creek Marina and headed south.  Our initial departure date was put off by a day due to high winds, but at last we were underway.  Our first night was spent at Harbor Village Marina, a pricey stop, but we made up for it at Carolina Beach State Park, where slip fees are only $30.  The boys were dismayed that they had to be on leashes, but they toughed it out.  Callie Ann Marie George decided to make forays into the parking area, but seems to be smart enough not to do the woods.  It amazes us that there are no other big boats here - this facility is a gem.  Their only drawback is no WIFI.

With luck, we'll be pulling out tomorrow after a week and a half layover, and head to Myrtle Beach.

Joe Pelican safeguards mile marker 225.

If you look hard, you may see the dorsal fin off the port bow - we were accompanied by pods of dolphins at various intervals on the trip.

This is the Carolina Beach State Park Marina - our neighbor in the ketch left several days later, leaving us as the only transient in the facility!

 Small fishing boats across the marina.

The marina office building offers new washer and dryer, reading room, and a store with all the basic necessities for camping and fishing.

Aquarium time - this time it's the Ft Fisher aquarium, one of the three NC aquariums. As we are aquarium buffs, we had to go - must say that this one is better than the Pine Knolls aquarium - it seemed to have more interesting exhibits.

 The albino alligator is an import from Louisiana.

Peaceful manta ray.

This has to be the largest live lobster I have ever seen - at least 2 feet long.

Grampa's buddy.

These Jellies are absolutely gorgeous and love to show off.

Gramma demonstrates unwise behavior when playing with alligators.

Grampa looking silly in front of a stunning fish sculpture.
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