September 25

Little Foot: Hey, Cal, how come more cats don't have their own blogs?

Callie Anne: I dunno - probably because they aren't as clever as we are.

Foot: You mean other cats can't read or write?

Callie: Something like that.  Then you have to consider the 'who gives a whoop' factor.

Foot: Have you checked out the view from the hatch?  Pretty impressive.

Callie: Are you serious?  You've actually been outside?  I thought you lived in the cupboards!  I, myself, prefer the aft deck, lounging in one of the chairs.  I get to keep tabs on the goings on around the dock du jour. Did you know that the big 44' sailboat on the other dock has two cats aboard too?  They live on that boat year round!  How can it possibly be warm enough for a cat in the wintertime?

Foot: You know, I think I've figured out why cats don't blog - we don't have a lot to say

Callie: (Yawn) I thought you'd never figure it out.

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