Unlike his more fortunate wife, little Billy Hanson had never taken a train ride.  Today we remedied this travesty by taking the Amtrak from Jacksonville to Charleston, after dropping off our vehicles off at our next long term marina, Ortega Landing.

Da train!  Da train!  (Only 25 minutes behind schedule.)

Having passed the initial ID check, passengers flock to the train.

Little Billy Hanson settles into his reserved seat!

Once called the club car, this is now the cafe car, where one can obtain a variety of beverages and box lunches.  We had a couple beers and tried to devise a two-man game of crossword puzzle.

The dining car is still a high spot on the trip - I had the veggie lasagna and Bill enjoyed the ribs.  The couple seated with us obliged us by taking our picture.

We headed down to Jacksonville at 9:30 in the morning, and after several pit stops arrived about 2:30.  We pulled into the wrong marina, but after stopping at the one we were supposed to stay at, decided to stay at the first, Ortega Landing.  Hopped the train and were back in Charleston by 9:30 p.m. - not bad!

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