Helpful pelican gives directions.

Our next door neighbor was the USS Yorktown!

We are tucked into the corner - protected right?  Uh uh.

Probably one of the most beautiful skylines in the US.

We thought we had the perfect slip at the Charleston Maritime Center, but were completely exposed to the northeast wind and waves.  By 2 pm, everyone on the boat was getting seasick, so we got our money back and moved to the Charleston City Docks on the leeward side of the city.  We spent the first night on the fuel dock, just down from the Megadock (i.e., the One Percent.)  The following day, however, we moved to the other 99%,  Bill is antsy - wants to take on the town - we'll be here for a while, though. so we'll stay in touch to share the charms of Charleston!

Some of the waterfront homes still have cannon balls lodged in them .

Our new marina boasts a Megadock to tie up megayachts - the Mirabella IV is 278' long and her spar is 294' tall.

Once again, we are living under a bridge, in keeping with our homeless status.

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