Crabby Jane Crabs (or a how not to manual)

#1  BAIT.  and what could be more irresistable than a chicken leg, hmmm? 

#2  PLACE BAIT IN BAIT CAGE.  Note that doors on trap drop down. 

#3  CASUALLY DROP BAIT OVER THE SIDE OF THE BOAT.  give the string lots of length.

#4  10-15 MINUTES LATER, PULL UP TRAP.  note pissed crabbies 

#5 KEEP CRABS COOL.  ice is good - they don't drown.  "I wanna hold your hand.."  literally.  crab appendages break off easily to avoid entrapment. 

What happens next will probably not be included in this website until I can learn to do it a little more humanely. 

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