There will be no pictures as they died with my laptop (murder by power converter)  This was not a day to remember - the bay was rotten, with broadside seas and we lost Bucky for a second time - this time, he was wearing his life vest and we could hook him and haul him up.  Now we have to wrestle him up to the flybridge so he's happy - Jeeze!

Canal was peaceful and boring, missed our first marina halfway down, thinking it was at the end, and then missed Khym Kreider's marina, thinking it was further out in the bay.

Finally turned in to a less than wonderful marina overnight that we left cheerfully the next morning, after dumping $600 into the fuel tanks.  Take me to Annapolis!



Now - the Life Magazine version of Delaware Bay - Lots of pictures, small words, big letters!

Lobster House Restaurant - across from our slip in Cape May.

The Cape May Canal - did you know that these canals were constructed in World War II to prevent our ships from being picked off by U Boats?

Delaware Bay ferries - this gave me a clue about the size of the bay.

Okay, so ya leave the canal, stay on a heading of 240 degrees, and after about 14 miles, take a right at the red thing....

When they say shipping channel, they mean shipping channel!

 A great big plane (C 117) flies over our little boat!

Okay, so when people in New Jersey start to complain about their power grid, tell them to stick it in their ear!

The Ship John Shoal.

Outside the canal, they're takin' care of business.

The Good Guys again - this is a work ship, used for buoy, marker, and light maintenance.

The D and C canal - looks a lot like the Cape May canal, only bigger.

Our friends on the Moon River head into the marina we should have stayed at!

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