Hey. Deafo, did you hear that we're going back to Wisconsin? 

Did I hear?  No.  I'm deaf, Cat Lips, the only thing I can hear are your infrequent thoughts.

Save it, Bigfoot.  We're leaving on Sunday and taking about 3 days to get up north.

Oh boy, oh boy!  Road trip!  Where are we going to stay?

I heard them say we're going back to the farm for a while - how cool is that?

 As long as there's no snow - hey, are the little kids gonna be there

You would get excited about that, Love Puppy.  I think I'll hide.

Well, I wish we could stay there for good - living on a boat might be right up rour alley, Tuna Breath,but I think it's a crashing bore.  I suppose we're going to be headed back there


.and we'll be waiting for you to come back in September!!


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