Bucky:  Oh man, are you in trouble 

Baylor:  Why?  I just made a bunch of new friends at the shelter. 

Bucky:  What were you thinking?  Why didn’t you follow me out of the woods? 

Baylor:  I tried, but you just disappeared and I had a bunch of really cool smells to smell.  After that, I couldn’t figure out which way to go, so I just went up the nearest driveway to a house.  They tied me up, and then a nice lady in a uniform came and took me for a ride! 

Bucky:  For a ride?  Dude, I've been in a shelter before and that ain't no vacation resort. 

Baylor:  Well, I had a nice cool floor to lie on, plenty of water, and I was looking forward to dinner, but then mom came and got me out.  Hey, and guess what – I got microchipped! 

Bucky: Oh my god, you get all excited about the dumbest things!  Mom and I must have covered miles looking for you and putting up fliers – dad spent all morning looking for you! 

Baylor:  Well it’s nice to know I was missed – I'm taking a nap now. 

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