September 25

Bucky: So, I guess we finally have a chance to stay on terra firma for more than a couple hours - halleluja!  I'm getting a little tired of playing dunk the dog.  It's not so bad up on the flybridge, but the trip up and down is more than a little hairy!

Baylor: Oh, give it a rest! That's what I do - just sack out on the futon, or down in the stateroom.  Besides, you're not the only wet puppy in the pile, I fell off the pier a couple days ago.

Bucky: Oh, big woof - I fell off the gas dock yesterday - I suppose you think that was a fun experience?  By the way, did you see our new neighbors next boat over?

Baylor:  You mean the old Weimaraner, or that overblown German shepard, bragging about his wife and puppies?  Just what the world needs, a floating puppy mill!

Bucky: Well, at least I don't have to wear my straight-jacket today.  Actually, I rather enjoy having this blog - gives me an opportunity to tell the world about the dog abuse that goes on in this boat.  Did you see the way Mom manhandled me yesterday?  Had to grab me by the nape and the back just to throw me in the boat!  Guess we know who can't take a joke.  Notice I got her back though.

Baylor:  Yeah, very clever, eating her watercolor paper - what a wit.  Oh well, I'm exhausted from all this writing.  Nap time.

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