Good golly, aren't we the cutest li'l ol' dogs?

Oh boy, here we go again - the latest installment of the Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Sea Show.  Just when I thought I was finally a landlubber again - jeeze.

Dude!  What is your problem?  This is too cool - people to bark at, dogs to bark at, nothing whatsoever to bark at!  Besides, I like the sun and the wind, don't you?

Oh please - there's no sun and wind ashore?  Anyway, you're from here, so you would like it.  How about that Wisconsin snow?

Speaking of things that suck.  Anyway, we get to go ashore a lot in the van - best part?  Leftovers when mom and dad eat out.  Yum.  There goes my girlish figure!

Can you believe that dad went fishing without us?  What a bummer.  I hate being left behind.  And let's face it - mom's nowhere near as much fun.  Besides, I hear there are dogfish out there.  Who's gonna catch those, huh?  Oh, but don't take the dog, oh no, try to catch dogfish yourself.  Hmmph.

One thing you have to admit about North Carolina, old man.  People in this state are crazy about dogs.  Dogs are everywhere in this marina, and kids are always asking permission to pet us.  (Notice how North Carolina kids are very well behaved compared to Wisconsin kids?)

Actually, we really miss our Wisconsin kids.  We hope they come see us this summer.  We know mom and dad miss them, too.  We heard mom say that if they come down we will all go fishing and snorkeling.  Think we'll stay out of the water, though - we have enough swimming falling off the pier and the dinghy.

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