So we've been home now for almost a month and we wait... will we or won't we be able to sell the house?  We have to be on the boat and out of here pretty soon as we have to get to somewhere in Florida before hurricane season! 

We should know in two weeks - meanwhile, there's plenty to do to prepare and pack.  We plan to take Bucky, Baylor, and the two old cats, Callie Anne and Little Foot.  (Still trying to figure out what to do with Ratty Cat and Little Yellow Kitty.)  It's going to be a bit crowded on the Sweet Liberty, but a commitment is a commitment. 

OUR LOYAL CREW (even if they don't know it yet) 

Baylor Hanson

Callie Anne Marie George Hanson 

Little Foot Hanson 

Bucky Hanson

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