Having limped into Liberty Marine on one engine and having spent the last six days here waiting for our fuel pump, we made the major decision to spend the remainder of our income on staying here for the month of October.  Bill has big plans - in addition to the Annapolis Boat Show, he wants to do Baltimore, Washington, and whatever else comes to mind - in addition to finishing the work on the boat.  Since we will now be living on a stringent budget (especially after repair bills) life will slow down considerably.  Bill has a ticket to ride, Bill has a ticket to ra-ah-ide - on the plane from Baltimore to Islip NY to pick up the truck and bring it down here.

I found a terrific destination in the Keys on Long Key - kinda low profile - definitely affordable - but may not get there 'til January!  We are going a floating to be going from annuity check to social security check getting gas and creeping southward, but hey - we are doing it, by God!  Okay, I'll tone it down.

Anyway, the pictures you see below are of a normal dawn at Edgewater, and an abnormal day (i.e. today) where the tides are actually 2-4 above normal.  Fortunately, we are on a floating pier, so tides are pretty inconsequential - okay, they are actually pretty impressive, but we are okay.

More when there is something worth sharing!

What a difference a day makes.........

Twenty-four little hours.........

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