Cannons from different wars line the batteries of the fort.

This small storehouse sits outside the newer batteries.

The great Seminole chief Osceola was kept as a prisoner in the fort for 20 years, eventually dying from natural causes.  He lies buried outside the sally port.

This portrait of Qsceola hangs in the Charleston Museum.

A civil war era flag is flown high over the fort.

An interior shot of the old fort.

Splashes of color - nature has no regard for military matters.

Newer canons are placed closest to the entry area.

These cannons (I believe) were Revolutionary war era.

Cannons were brought in at ground level and hoisted up to the batteries.

Magazine doors were heavily reinforced.

The interior of the magazine, stacked with barrels of gunpowder.

Soft grasses turning purple in autumn.

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