Getting Ready.......

At first we contemplated hanging out in a hurricane hole, anchors and lines bristling from the deck, Bill declaring he'd ride out the storm on board while I scurried off with the dogs and cat in the car.  Watching the storm track and hearing dire predictions of Cat 3, Bill wisely revised our game plan and had the boat pulled and placed on the hard.  (All marinas insist that boats be removed from their slips.) 

We decided to take Robin and Mike Jones up on their gracious offer to shelter us (dogs, cat) for the duration of the storm.

Our baby, our house, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Hiding Out ........

Thank God for the Joneses!  We had a lovely guest room, the dogs were treated like kings, and Callie had the freedom of the garage.

Saturday at 7:45, the hurricane blew in (right on schedule) and the power blew out.  Fortunately we had water - some didn't!

Sons Matthew and Michael entertained us musically, and that afternoon we played a new card game to us - Golf.  Who knew that it could be so entertaining? 

The dogs had a wonderful time and Lucky had an opportunity to meet Todd Parisi, his savior.  Naturally, he said "duh," instead of "thank you so much" but we knew he'd be grateful, if only he had a clue!

Bill and Mike share a subtle witticism. 

 Lucky is in on the joke!

Baylor prefers the soothing music provided by Michael's acoustic guitar.  Matthew is the drummer for their group.

Coming Back .......

Poor Town Creek Marina was the most heavily attacked by Irene in the Beaufort-Morehead area.

We were SO relieved to find our little home all in one piece, sitting on the commercial transport trailer upon which it had been stored!  The trailer's hydraulics had gone south and needed repair, so we took advantage of the delay to scrape and paint the bottom of the boat.  Yay!

We are now back in our original slip - much the worse for wear - but we have power and water and that's all one can ask. 

Thank you God and the Joneses for making a calamity an adventure!

Welcome to our slip!

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