Broad Creek is the body of water upon which we hahave been living for the past couple weeks.  It has resident eagles, blue herons, kingfishers, and the ubiquitous herring gulls.  mornings are made musical with Carolina warblers and grosbeaks.  Last year, a beached Hatteras provided a home in its exhausts for a family of river otters, and today, a boat pulled for a bottom cleaning yielded a 4 foot eel!  These pictures were taken o a little excursion upcreek on our dinghy - sunny and 72 degrees when we set out and rainy and temps dropping 45 minutes later! 

Old greybeard 

 Some piers are made for fishin'

 Local birdie

 Local birdie nest - draped with cyprus and spanish moss!

 "Guddammit, Mavis, I told yew to put the plug in thet boat!"  (Probably beached on its side when the north wind blew the water out of the river - no kidding - and water rushed into the hatch when the wind shifted and the water level rose again.)

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