The Monday after Thanksgiving, two years ago, we met Lucky at the Cartaret County Animal Shelter.  Linda Pugh, lab rescuer, called us after hearing that we had lost Bucky to ask whether we would be interested in rescuing another yellow lab who had experienced tragedy.  Found shivering in a ditch, impaled by a branch and missing much skin on his left side, Lucky was in need of a new home.  Bill rolled his eyes, and we had a new dog to keep Baylor company and honor the memory of Bucky, who had also been rescued from near death.


As we spent more time getting to know Lucky, we learned that he was about 8-10 years old and stone deaf.  Communication was difficult, and although he and Baylor got along, Baylor never got over the loss of Bucky.  When Baylor was euthanized, Lucky was totally bewildered.  He knew we were the people who fed and walked him, but there still was no bond.


After two years with us, he began to thaw - a pat on the head would earn a tail wag, and when he looked at Bill, it was with complete trust.  Unfortunately, the injuries he suffered when he was stuck by a car began to affect his health.  He lost muscle in his hind legs to the point where he could hardly get up.  He panted in pain continuously - it finally became apparent that he was ready to move on. In July, we bid him goodbye and buried him in the horse pasture next to our barn.  He was sweet and so good - we had come so far in two years.


Goodbye, big guy.  We'll never forget you.

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