Unexpectedly blessed with another nice day, we left Deltaville for Hampton Roads.  The best option looked like Hampton Public Docks, a big favorite of the rag sailors.  I tried sewing a simple cover for the generator (5 pieces - how simple!)  It remains unfinished at this writing.    

Our slip in Hampton at the Public Docks 

Bittersweet vine 

 So I decided to go for a walking tour - two obectives:  St. John's Episcopal church and the carousel.  I tried the carousel first, but it didn't open until noon, and it was 10:20 am, so I strolled down to the church.  As I approached, I heard music, so in I went.  Enjoyed the first Episcopalian service in many years and was greeted warmly and inivited to coffee hour afterward.

In the church, I sat next to the stained glass window depicting Pocahontas' baptism - this church was built in 1763, after the first four had burned down.  The parish was founded in 1610!  The architecture is unique, and I only wish I could have taken interior pictures.

St. John's 

One of the founding types - deceased 1709

A neat church - visit if you can 

The carousel is one of 70 left in the country that are original.  Even the piano rolls are original!  The citizens of Hampton, school children, and businesses raised the funds for restoration.  A ride costs $2 and it is open 7 days a week 

One of the antique carousel horses - citizens funded restoration - beautiful! 


Crossing the bay - life as a dinghy ain't easy! 

Coming into Norfolk is an experience of amazing proportion! 

Aircraft carrier in for repairs 

 What is this ship!!?


Commercial industry stands cheek by jowl with Navy repair yards. 

Our new berth in Norfolk - next to Hooter's! 

Enjoyed my birthday dinner at Hooter's (now Bill can say he's been there) - had king crab legs served by an abnormally perky, but sweet server! 

 Sunset in Norfolk

Time to move along - weather is deteriorating! 

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