Harker's Island

Ibis you were here.......

July 5th we traveled north and east to Harker's Island to visit the Core Sound Museum.  With the dogs in the car, even parked in the shade, we were limited as to time, but it was a marvelous museum, filled with the crafts, heirlooms, remnants, and treasures that embody this part of the country.

View of Cape Lookout Lighthouse from the tower of the museum.

The Jean Dale was restored by local craftsmen.

Jane Hanson dressed as a turn of the century woman from the Outer Banks.

Stylized decoys are nothing new - these are almost 100 years old.

Looking down from the tower onto the museum building.

The old fashioned way of dress hangs on in the fringes of the country were comfort and necessity weigh in more heavily than haute couture.  This style probably lasted through the 20s.

Outer Banks women were not to be outdone by their carving men - home made lace curtains and colorful quilts attest to their creativity!

These highly stylized merganser decoys prove that detail is not always necessary when conveying image.

Each community has an exhibit to display what they think most captures the feeling of their town.

 Flats boats and smacks were the workhorses of the outer banks.

The museum is filled with incredibly beautiful hand carved decoys, not only locally crafted, but from all over the US.

An example of the carver's work area and tools.

On a large pond behind the museum, shore birds and waders congregate.

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