We are bringing home a new family member.  An older N/M yellow lab (still debating name) who was found injured in a ditch by the New Bern animal control.  Linda and Graham Pugh, a lovely couple, have started a lab rescue in the area and were put in touch with us.  They paid his vet bill and the shelter waived all fees for us as they knew that his adoptability was minimal.  He has a very laid-back nature, is perfectly house broken, and has been notified by Baylor that he is #2, which is fine with him.  He's still draining a little and has meds to finish, but should be a minimal shock to all of our systems, since he's sweet and accepting and about as wired as Baylor.   I view it as a chance to honor Bucky's memory by saving another dog. 

Stephanie and Trin, from the Craven-Pamlico Animal Services Center, join Graham and Linda Pugh, Lab Rescue to introduce us to 'Jack', now 'Lucky." 

The people pictured above are to be commended for the lengths to which they went to save Lucky.  He may have been hit by a car or fallen out of a pickup truck and rolled into the ditch where he was found.  The Pughs paid for his veterinary treatment, Trin took him home for the Thanksgiving holiday, and Stephanie oversaw his follow-up treatment.  Linda and Graham were wonderful - staying in touch with us, meeting us at the shelter, and coming to visit us at the marina the following day.

Lucky's puncture wound, which was quite deep and badly abcessed, is still draining, but the swelling has gone down and his abrasions are healing.

Jane, Lucky, Baylor, and Bill 

Dad, Lucky, and Baylor (nose out of joint) - note the wounds on Lucky's side. 

Baylor is a little put out - he thought this dude was just here for a visit!  Oh well, time will create a friendship - it always does.  Everyone is looking forward to living in a house for a while. 

 All things being equal.......

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