Home at last - great God almighty, home at last!!!

Aug 25

Yippee, yippee - today's the day.  Greeted by an overcast sky, we were treated to precip in the mountains.  Since I rousted Bill bright and early (his request,) I proceeded to nap all the way to New York.  This was not appreciated.  Cats and dogs were silent the whole way (read depressed.)

I was prepared to take funny pictures of the dogs on the floating pier, but they took to it like ducks to water.  The kitties were vociferous about wanting out of their jail cells, but needed to get everything secure first.  Of course, Bill opened his berth hatch and Callie Ann was on the front deck in a heartbeat.  She's no dummy, though - looked around at what surrounded the boat and decided to stay.

Oh, wow, am I happy.

 It's a dogs' life.

The fog creeps in on 'little cat's feet" over the mountains. 

The  fog cheerfully degenerates into rain as we near the city.

Baylor finds Bill's berth. 

THIS is home? 

Everyone ate well and the cat box has been used faithfully.  Baylor jumps on and off the boat like he's done it all his life - Bucky still needs the boat pulled closer to the pier, but he'll adjust.

Next few days will be spent unpacking - and figuring where to put all this detritus.

Aug 26 - Little Foot disappears for 4 hours - we are frantic!

Evil cat, feeling great remorse, having emerged from the depths of the stateroom.

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