Well, as you might expect, it's no cooler down here than up north, so in all honesty I'd have to say that the bulk of our time is spent in the air conditioning on board.  (Daily conversation:  "What do you want to do today?"  "Absolutely nothing."  "Okay.")  Even the dogs, who hate the restricted quarters, hurry back to the boat after short trips to the Tiki Bar.  But on occasion, we venture out.

The east end of Carrot Island (Rachel Carson Preserve) which is home to about 50 ponies.  We decided to take a tour around the island in the dinghy.

How North Carolinians cool off - find a sandbar, throw the family in a skiff, and spend the day on the ocean.

Our touring and fishing boat.  More fun without dogs.

My friend, Noah Egret, poses on a piling, looking for the fish we can't seem to find!

How to dispose of dry cat food rejected by the princess.

For excitement, we go to Food Lion, the library, and this week we went to Harry Potter!  Even I will go to the movies to see Harry Potter!  Bill has accumulated all his dive equipment now, so he's been working on stuff under the boat.  Stay tuned for some epic 'Sea Hunt' photos, starring Lloyd Bridges Hanson.

Grampa shows off his new, slimmer profile at the beach.

Atlantic beach on a 'breezy' day.

Fort Macon on that same 'breezy' day.

 Beauty in the sand.

The wind kicks up sand, obscuring the horizon.

We laugh when the weather forecasters say breezy, because that is forecasterese for 20-25, when in reality it is more like 30-35.  Bill wanted to see surfers, but no one was out - got some great surf, though.

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