Chapter Three: Hitting the Road

 Well, no sooner have I gotten used to my new home at the farm, than it is time to hit the road.  After our vacation in the UP and a chance to visit everyone once more, we head out for my next home - Florida!

It's a good thing I love to go for a ride, because this is going to be a marathon. Sometimes I ride with mom in the Explorer, other times I ride with dad in the motor home.  We drive and drive, with occasional stops at rest areas.  We stop at McDonald's so mom and dad can get on the computer and eat lunch.

We drive as far as Clarksville, Tennesse, where we stop at a very nice RV park, where I can go for nice walks in the pine trees.  Did you know that pine cones make really neat toys?

 Our little caravan.


The next day we drove through the mountains - have you ever seen mountains?  They are so cool; you look up at the sky and there they are!  Mom said she was disappointed that there wasn't very much color (I guess she meant that the leaves were still green) but there was one spot called the Cumberland Gap that had lots of brightly colored leaves.  When we turned off the interstate to look for our rv park, the roads got really twisty and small, and very steep, but there were still a lot of cars coming down as we were going up.  Mom said dad did a really good job of not falling over the side (kinda like driving a school bus in the hills of Vermont, only steeper.)  Our rv park wasn't all that great, but the hills were really neat.  We were near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which mom said had all the charm of the Wisconsin Dells, and were headed to Greenville, South Carolina to visit cousins Al and Pam. 

Now the trees were much more colorful - wow - I wish I could see more colors that a dog can. 

Our rv camp in the Appalachian foothills.



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