Chapter Two: New Friends


Another round with Jack - I give him a reminder snap and he's a lot more respectful (I learned that running with my pack) - he wags his tail, I wag mine. Suddenly we are best of pals and run off to the lawn to chase and wrestle. (I do hate it when he sits on my head, though.) The grandkids give me lots of kisses and hugs. What fun! Mom and dad take Jack and me to the Wisconsin River, and then again with Melissa and the kids. Water!! Who knew? Jack teaches me how to fetch balls and sticks - I learn to dive to the bottom of the river looking for stuff that didn't float.

Back at the rv, I discover I have an elderly aunt: Callie Ann Marie George Hanson. She's a calico cat, 16 years old and she hisses at me a lot, and growl-meowls.. Even when I nizsh her with my little front teeth, she doesn't move. I think she likes me. Other new discoveries: I can sleep on the couch - I can even sleep on the bed with mom and dad! Also, my house moves, can you imagine? This is going to be so much fun.

Meanwhile, Jack and I run and wrestle and play tug of war. Dad and mom take us both shopping in the car, and we can hang out with dad when he's in the shop. Highlights of the day include meals and looking for something to chew; a lot of my choices are not very popular, like the toe off dad's new shoe or the vacuum cleaner cord. It's not like I don't have a lot of chew toys (the ones that Jack doesn't steal,) but somehow they just don't have the same texture!

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