Life in the 'Hood

If you need a bottom scrape, new zincs, prop repair, etc. - who ya gonna call?

Doug contemplates the  joys and rewards of boat rental to the nautically impaired.

Okay, Dorothy - I think we can safely assume that we are not in Kansas anymore....

Nikki the Brave, chewing on a rawhide she stole from Lucky's stash aboard the Sweet Liberty!

Rick and Anastasia (Nikki's parents) live across the dock from us - Rick shares local secrets with us.

Baylor the Obstructionist, in one of his favorite places - the middle of the pier.

Lucky the Deaf, guards the door.

Neighbors Bill and Deb have a house in Washington, but spend most of their summer aboard the Naute Dawg.

Drew and Yuki, our neighbors two slips south - Drew is our local computer guru !

The Tiki Bar and dog sanctuary.

The regulars.

 My friend Kelli oversees not only the drink orders, decor, and decorum, but water dishes and dog biscuits.  ( I think she orders fries for the dogs, too.)

The 'french fry sluts' (as they are affectionately know by the regulars) patiently wait for someone to order food.

In their favorite spot - the Tiki Bar!

Erstwhile neighbor, Noah Egret, scopes out the 'hood.

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