Okay, check it out - we actually took a taxi to Walmart and bought two new (cough, choke) bicycles.  Yes, Bill and Jane now ride bicycles, who'da thunk it?  Actually, when your slip is located a hundred and seventy five miles from anywhere, a bike is a necessity.  The blocks in Charleston are the rough equivalent of 2 1/2 Madison city blocks, so it's hard to approximate how far anything is.

This is a fun farmers' market on Marion Square, by the City Market.  While we were there, some Charleston College students were marching on behalf of the 99%.  On the corner, a young black man played a tenor saxophone; well-behaved dogs were everywhere.  There were as many jewelry and sculpture booths as there were produce booths and the cooking smells were wonderful. 

Coming to Charleston?  Don't miss the farmers' market!

Bill and his new ride.

It's not a horse, but it sure beats walking!

Fresh boiled peanuts and okra - betcha can't get those on the Capitol Square.

Color, color, color.

Fresh greens everywhere!

A cool break on a hot day.

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