Meanwhile,... back at the slip.. 

We are paid up here through the end of the month, so Halloween will find us at Liberty Marina.  Thought we'd share some pictures of the neighbors! 

The Fantasy, a 100+ foot houseboat belonging to a charming Canadian couple - moving south today. 

Allen and Suzanne - she was a good friend - dog Magellan is hiding from the camera - sailed up from California, now headed back to the tropics - choosing the most wretched day of the week to head south! 

The Matau, a French built, $7 million transAtlantic catamaran - 72 feet long - laid over for repairs, now headed to Portsmouth to wait until November 1 - insurance will not cover boats until then if they travel out on the ocean (hurricane season.) 

Carol and Hank on their beautiful new (to them) sailboat - hope to head south this week. 

Notice a trend here?  Headed south?  We're trying, but the cost of fuel makes it slow going - Florida or bust! 

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