Okay, bear with me - I'll have pictures tomorrow, maybe - problem is, we're both driving, so I can't give you my usual Pulitzer prize winning pix!

Hang with me as I try to paint pictures with words:

There is no joy like watching the season unfold as you drive south; the suffusion of green that softens the severe silhouettes of the trees, the yellow surprise of forsythia in a woodlot, further south, banks of daffodils on the highways and show-off plum blossoms in front of businesses and houses, and even further south, the persistent, yet demure blossoms of redbud trees, growing wild in the mountains.  That shade of green we only see in springtime is sweeping through the woods and flourishing in the pastures of Kentucky horse farms, bisected by four-rail fences by the mile.  In the pastures, fat beef cows and sleek Thoroughbreds graze happily on new grass, oblivious to the other delights of spring.

No wonder I could stay awake the whole trip!

Moving on through the Smokies

Dogwood is in full bloom!

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