Now when we say picking our way, we really mean it.  Shoaling is an incredible problem in the lower SC and GA rivers and since I'm blind as a bat from floaters and tend to drift off into La La Land, I depend on my navigator/Bill to point our markers and potential shallow water.

  There was plenty of that - had we been a sailboat with a 5-7 foot keel, we'd still be in Georgia.  As Bill is fond of pointing out, I could never do this alone.  We pulled into Fernandina Harbor well after dark.  Fortunately, there was plenty of staff still on hand to assist us, and we settled in for the evening.  Couldn't wait to get to Jacksonville - Fernandina was a major rip-off - ($82!) to spend the night nestled between two concrete factories and an active railroad line.

What the hay-ell is that ?  An alien space-craft? 

Nope. Just the Brunswick Bridge.  Seen from even further away and at a tighter angle. it looks like a huge beetle.

The St. Simon's Island Light.

The Little Cumberland Island light.

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