Pier Pix

The day started with ominous clouds and faint grumblings of thunder, only to clear up and get hot.  Bill decided we’d best get the stuff out of the trailer before it rained, so as we started to empty the contents, the heavens opened up.  Oh well.  There is a marine flea market in little Washington this weekend, with nautical art, music, and special events.  Bill and I each have a spot - he’ll be selling boat parts and I, of course, will be selling deathless art.  We’ll have to stay there Friday and Saturday nights, as the gas back and forth costs more than the motel.  More later.

Our feathered neighbors keep us well entertained and the chorus of laughing gulls can get pretty raucous around here.  They are truly funny when they throw their heads back and let out a stream of ha-ha-has - just like an old man enjoying his own jokes.

Laughing gull...

Herring gull, just like home!

Fish Tales, our restaurant, on the second floor......

Gala nightlife..... the tiki bar at our restaurant.....Callie Anne loves it!

As expected, the activity level this weekend was pretty high - lots of weekenders fishing, swimming, or just enjoying being aboard their boats.  We ate Easter brunch at our restaurant here at the marina, Fish Tales.  It was delicious - salad bar included baby spinach, with a choice of veggies, thinly sliced smoked salmon with hard boiled egg, onion, sour cream, and capers.    Main course included southern fried chicken, ham hocks with collard greens, blackened grouper, and ham with choice of sauce (I tried the cranberry/mayo - it was very nice and different.)  Sides were pretty traditional, but the desserts were a collection of family recipes of the chef and his staff - yum.  You can see how exciting our life is, when I rhapsodize about food!

Taking the boys to the vet down the road to have their nails trimmed - a whopping $9.50 per dog!  I like those prices!  We like Beaufort so much that we may stay for a while - we’ll keep you posted!!

Southern sunset,,,,,,,,,,

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