Bill and Johnny Depp decide to visit Blackbeard's relics at the North Carolina Maritime Museum.

A diorama of the archeological site an.d the operation below the water

Model of the QAR with original beams below.

Long cannon.

Small cannon on carriage.

How to load and fire your cannon 101.

Medical equipment was rudimentary - don't even ask what the syringe was used for.

Shot and decorative pieces from a blunderbuss.

Examples of the swords and pistols that were used in this era.

The skipper. (Note the resemblance to Viking pirates of yore.)

Diving bell from recovery operation.

Bell from the QAR.

Recovered cannon balls and grapeshot.

Dining in style (in the Captains cabin, at least.)

Glass from the windows of the captain's quarters and the chute from the captain's privy!  (Had to include that picture for Micah.)

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