With heavy hearts, we continue on down the Alligator River (no one has ever seen an alligator in it) toward Belhaven.  Due to the slow, no wake speed necessary in the canal, we didn't arrive on the Pamlico Sound until nightfall.  It would be our first after- dark tie up.  I had driven the entire distance with Bill as navigator and it works well.  If we were happier, if we weren't coming down with walking pneumonia, we'd continue south, but know we are ready to park the boat for a few months and go home for the holidays. 

 The Alligator River

Sunset makes the colors glow as we near Belhaven.

In Belhaven, after groping our way in through the channel, we tied up for the night - a rock and roller with the wind.  We met a number of people who encouraged us not to give up on Bucky, and regaled us with dog overboard stories with happy endings.  

The following morning, after a delicious, but weepy breakfast, we determined that we would park the boat at Washington, NC, fetch back our truck from Edgewater, MD, and start proactively searching for Bucky.  People here at McCotter's have helped spread the word, I made flyers for posting and emailed them to all surrounding county animal shelters and animal control departments.  With the help of our new neighbor, John, I contacted these shelters and departments on his Blackberry - our cheapie phones don't get reception here.  Even more people here insist that a retriever with a life jacket could have swum miles successfully.  Fishermen and crabbers have been notified.

The rain takes a brief break and visibility returns, if only for a bit. 

Betsy Ross Hanson 

Our newest neighborhood - McCotter's Marina, Washington, NC, off the Pamlico River. 

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