For those of you old enough to remember 'Sea Hunt' with Llod Bridges will enjoy the new 'See Hunt' with Lloyd Bridges Hanson.  Life on the briny has many pluses, but there are those little minuses, such as boat bottoms and the creatures who live there.  Let me mention that these creatures are not endangered by anything but a scraper, and they tend to replace themselves in about a half an hour.  Barnacles have an incredible reproductive life and one needs only to look them up on Google to see how active the little buggers are!

Bill dons his gear to clear out the air conditioner intake for the second time in three days and replace the zincs.  Here are some nifty photos of the aforementioned.

This is the bottom of your boat (in this case a bumper that stays in the water) on drugs.  Some of these are hard shelled critters, but the light green ones are soft to the touch and rudely squirt water!  Yes, they are disgusting. 

Lloyd Hanson checks his regulator. 

Lloyd Hanson gets ready to launch. 

Lloyd Hanson has left the pier. 

How much fun can one gay have? 

And yes, I too donned my fins and mask.  I discovered that I couldn't see diddly squat and my husband (who told me to gear up and get in) asked me why I was not on the boat so that I could check the air conditioner.  Jeeze !!

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