SEPTEMBER 19- A beautiful morning on the Glimmer Glass, but it's time to head out.  Once you enter the InterCoastal Waterway, you are heading down a twisting maze of rivers, sloughs, shallows, and large islands of salt marsh called thoros.  Granted, we only have a 3.5 foot draft, but some of these areas only have 1-2 feet of water!  Doing this at high tide is dicey - doing it at low tide is just stupid.  Oh well, we only ran aground twice.  The water widens and deepens, and soon, (well, eventually) we are on Barnegat Bay, home of the out east E scows.  Didn't see any scow racing on Sunday, but then we all know how religious scow sailors are.  The bay is huge and long and literally covered with boats of every type and size - there was a good breeze for sailors, yet it wasn't enough to be considered rough.


We bid farewell to the Glimmer Glass wreck..

Barnegat Bay light

Mystery house on the thoro

At the end of the bay, the water narrows and become shallow once again.  Between the wind and the incoming tide, we did pretty well heading back into the salt marshes.

May the tide be with you, Luke...

One of the most incongruous sights is that of Atlantic City rising out of the salt marshes and to the south, six mammoth windmills.  Atlantic City - green - who knew?

Atlantic City rises out of the salt marsh.

A few of the familiar sights and names in this burg..

Had plenty of time to take these pictures, as the bridge didn't open for another 1/2 hour.

The first of our slowpoke bridges started here - off season, remote control - if you are lucky every 1/2 hour, but in some cases only on the hour.  You get to puddle around waiting and waiting kills schedules.  Thank God we don't have one!

Found a couple of fixer-uppers for Loopers on a budget - probably the result of taking the proceeds from the catch to the Tropicana!

We drop the hook as the sun sets, just outside Atlantic City.

 At night one can be entertained for miles around by the commercial displays on the skyscrapers, but we were too tired to care.  The boat swung on the hook all night with attendant anchor chain and windlass noises.  We were more than ready to leave in the morning - we had no water!

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