Okay - for those of you  who are purists, we did not depart on the 22nd, as so broadly announced, but the next day.  We have a truck packed to the gills, including cat carriers and dogs, not to mention a badly wrapped Grumman full of unnecessary (in my mind) crap, whose wrapping started to unwrap down the road.  Despite the honking and pointing of a trucker, Bill maintains that we lost nothing.  (How would we really know?)

Official goodbyes consisted of keeping the kids overnight, an entertaining breakfast at McDonald's, helping grampa put the Swan Song to bed, feeding the horses, hugs, kisses, goodbyes in
Black Earth.

Incredibly, Bill put a converter in the truck, so I could use the computer as we rolled down the road - discovered websites about traffic conditions, cheap hotels.

Due to his weariness,Bill decided to park it in Shipinawaka IN.  Red Roof - not a bad hotel at all - accepts beasties, so they are all out of the truck and in the room with mommy and daddy.

monkey children

Smilin' Bill

The Beginning of the Beginning!!

Jed and Granny load the children in the truck and set out for Patchogue, New York - the Long Island Hillbillies!

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