The Clampettes Move In Aug

Aug 27  - the Clampettes move the remains of their household on the boat and the neighbors move out.  Actually, they are all headed to Fire Island for a big blowout clambake and lobster fest that they've been planning for some time. 

Great adventures today included emptying out the dinghy and removing it from the truck!  More fun than that was when Bucky accidentally bumped Baylor off the swim  platform and into the drink!  Lifting a 120 lb. lab out by the forepaws is no mean feat for two o and e individuals (obese and elderly.)  Afterward, I had to help the spouse to his feet.

Decided to round it all off with a trip to the laundromat, my clean clothes on the boat having all been sodden from a leaky window.  You know those big plastic boxes we packed for the trip?  Entire folded wardrobe fills it up to the top - and now with limited dry space available.  Ah well.

Aug 30 - It's been a bad luck run all around - Bill lost his wallet, I got bashed in the head, my laptop died, and the power went out.  Good thing we have a good boat mechanic!  Have to try to save my files - I suppose I can pay big bucks to the Geek squad - thank God we brought Bill's computer.  Projects today - new carpet on fly bridge, more organizing below decks, call dish tv for a dish!

The fruits of our labor.

September 1 -As the kids head back for school, we are battening down the hatches.  Flybridge, windows, and other spots need caulking, all outdoor items need to go below into the engine room, etc.  Hurricane Earl is promising to have some impact on us, although it will probably consist of ungodly amounts of rain and storm surge.  Everyone at the marina has one ear tuned to NOAA, but no one is panicking – just might have to stay home on Labor Day weekend instead of heading out to the party grounds on Fire Island.

If you look at the map of Long Island, you can see that South Bay is girdled by the barrier island (Fire Island.)  Barrier islands have protected the east coast shoreline for millennia, absorbing the brunt of storms, a natural breakwater.  We are also lucky enough to be upriver.  So, in any event, while we’re not trying to be cavalier about it, we do feel that there are practical measures we can take and be pretty safe.  My God, hurricane season is just starting……….  We still have to get to Chesapeake Bay to weather the majority of it!  (Sneak down between storms!)

Yesterday, the big pull-out – boat was hoisted out of the water and the bottom scrubbed free of barnacles.  Of course, it was 95 degrees – of course we left the camera, water, and money on the boat, 30 feet in the air – while we joined the dogs sweltering on the ground.  Finally, had the sense to get in the car and run the air conditioning while we waited to get our boat back.

Still waiting for some pictures of the other half of our family to share with you – let’s get on it Kathlopher!


Our beggars! 

Sept 2 - the calm before the storm - if it weren't for Earl, Bill would probably think of more things that needed doing before clearing up junk.  This morning he crawled into the engine room and replaced belts on the engines - and then (while he was conveniently located) he moved boxes, equipment, extra carpet, and all the rest of our colorful and nomadic debris below decks. 
Finally, I could move stuff inside or at least someplace more appropriate - behold, the rearranged 'poop' deck:

note 'grass' in the backyard  - our patio!

Callie Ann comtemplates heading over to the Tiki bar. 

Have been watching a steady stream of boats coming back in from the bay - gosh, could they know something?  Coastal flooding for our area is supposed to be 3 feet above high tide, winds 30-50.  Apparently God doesn't like to leave us untested for too long - we were getting too comfortable!  I winder how high a floating pier can float before it leaves town?  the breeze is picking up smartly now - probably 20-23, but the sun continues to shine and the temp is still 90.

what ?  them worry?

Actually, all the mother hens came our last night, to  confer with each other and decide how best to save their babies.  I figure the best bet is extra bumpers and lines.

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