Starting down the canal

The color is just starting 

Yes, it really is called the Great Dismal Swamp, and it is one of the most popular state parks in VA/NC.  With the largest black bear population in the US, it has a lot of attractions for naturalists and hunters.  

We overnighted and rafted with a number of sailboats - because of that, we didn't run our generator as long as we should have (courtesy?) so the boat never warmed up for the night - i never been so cold in my life.  The cabin had to be a whole 45 degrees the following morning and it didn't contribute to our walking pneumonia.  Ah. arctic camping.

Then next day, we arrived at the Panquotank River and headed for Elizabeth City.

Lotsa boats - not enough pier - rafting makes close neighbors! 

Mistletoe crowns the gum trees 

Low tide 

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