The Great Marine Flea Market

Bill waits for customers to cross his palm with silver, so that he can help boost the economy at other booths (what a guy, huh?)

Well we had a great, if exhausting, weekend in Washington, NC.  Our well crafted booth consisted of 3 sawhorses, a door from the boat, a piece of particle board, a lattice panel, and odds and ends of wood all carefully screwed together, kinda.  Bill's big shade umbrella bit the dust when a big gust of wind came off the river, so we headed for Walmart that night and plowed some of the profits into a canopy for the next day - wow, was that neat!  Saturday started at 7am for us and ended about 4:30, so it was long, but the crowds were good.  Sunday was shorter and even though the crowds were sparse, they were in a mood to buy.  Bill unloaded most of his old stuff (yay!) but then replaced it with two anchors, an inflatable dinghy,, scuba vest, and a horseshoe buoy ($5!)  I managed to sell some paintings - six of which went on Sunday afternoon to a woman with a new condo.  She was heard to say that she loved buying art from local artists - that's me!

Hey!  It's Melissa and Chuck, our neighbors from McCotterds!

So guess who got more attention than Buccaneer Bill and Crabbyjane combined?

These saucy wenches painted faces.

Crabbyjane's elegant, yet understated display, inspired by Martha Stewart, with supplies from Loew's.

Garden annex of aforementioned display.

The Cap'n takes a breather after telling tales of Blackbeard and his salad days in the Outer Banks.

New friend Peter Miller is well known for his wonderful crustacean taxidermy - I swapped paintings with him for a prime specimen!

Two bloody blackguards cross swords in the market.

Brother Jerome and his crew tuckpoint the lod warehouse where lawyers now reside.

The Washington waterfront has been renovated and invites everyone to browse or dine.

The city docks offer free slips for transients, but no power or water.  Residents can rent them seasonally and enjoy those amenities

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