Mom and Dad have never in all their years together been without a dog.  When they lost Lucky, there was a void in their lives that had to be filled.

After a month of extensive searching - 5 shelters, innumerable web sites, several rescue registers - they finally called a want ad number for a 9 week old puppy.  God said no.  Just after she hung up the phone with the puppy lady, the rescue she had hoped to hear from called.  Mom asked to meet JJ, as he was called, that evening.  After meeting JJ, it was love at first sight.

As he had spent 7 months on a farm, running with other rescue dogs, mom and dad were concerned about housebreaking - but after a couple accidents, he conquered potty training.  His first encounter with cousin Jack was iffy.  Jack was exuberant - Jake wasn't convinced.  Second meeting went much better, waggy tails and crazy romps.  Best buds ever since.


For a 7 month old, Jake is extremely well-behaved and gentle - training in the future should make him a wonder dog!!

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