Sunday, NOVEMBER 14, 2010:

Bucky was lost overboard today, in calm seas and gentle breezes.  We don’t know exactly when he fell – I was taking a shower and Bill was driving the boat – a position from which he couldn’t see Bucky on the foredeck.  We never would have anticipated losing him in conditions that made him happiest.  He was wearing a life jacket, and we turned back, spending an hour searching for him from the point we knew we had seen him last, and back again, seeing nothing but crab pots and seagulls.

 The first time a saw a flash of color, my heart filled with hope, but , no, it was another crab pot.  Finally, the time had passed where anyone could have survived the cold water.  It was time to go on – still, we kept looking, long after we left the area where he might have gone off.

I can’t stop crying.  He hated the boat, hated sea travel.  The two times he had fallen before, we came back and saved him …  surely we would come back again, he must have thought.

The only time he was comfortable was on a day like this, calm with almost no motion on the boat.  He had been doing his bowsprit thing for a couple hours – standing, sitting, lying down.  All we can figure is that he slipped on the catwalk trying to come back to the aft area

Bucky joined us 8 years ago, a neglected pup about a year of age.  He would never have passed the temperament test, but I insisted he had a good heart.  He did – he loved my grandkids and let them ride him like a pony.  He missed them and he missed his farm.

 Goodbye, dear Bucky, I know you know that I loved you and dad did too.  Baylor keeps looking for you.  God will hold you close to Him.  Farewell, my dearest  

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