Yes!!!  I scrubbed the boat and it is a clean machine!  Well, mostly – like the catwalk and the foredeck and bow and around the windows and the walls of the aft deck and, and, well……….

Imagine trying to scrub walls while standing on a 16” catwalk, hanging over the water, just your bucket and sponge and you, trying to wash not only the walls, but the deck you’re standing on and as much as you can reach below.  Now you see why this may not be the shiniest little barge in town.

Close quarters in an old boat require a certain working relationship with Home Depot,  Hardware, cleaning supplies, plumbing – you name it- they have it (and we probably need it!)  Essentials: febreeze and oust, 409, carpet cleaner, and teak oil.  The beauty of it is – it’s small!  Yay – I still haven’t felt cramped for one minute and we have only left the ier once.  Tomorrow – Fire Island.  Planning a lobster and steak dinner, with salad and cheap champagne. 

Trip 1 - day, who cares?

I’m having access wars out here on Fire Island between a local carrier and Verizon – so far, we’re losing, so I’ll have to wait until we’re back home in Patchogue to send this – thank you for waiting breathlessly!


So we headed out to Fire Island – a barrier island for Long Island.  (Never mind what else you’ve heard.)  The trip is a no brainer – 3 miles, but the island is quite lovely.  Bill manfully backed us in to a really narrow slip, only to be told we’d need to move.  The second move wasn’t quite as text-book, but we’re here

Once here, it was so hot that we siesta’d for a couple hours before exploring.

Off we went, with a light heart and a camera, to view the shoreline.  We could hear the surf thundering.

 So, I heard that clamming was a big deal on Fire Island – hey, ya think we got clams?  Unfortunately, the optimum clamming time is an hour before low tide – 11:44 pm – ain’t gonna happen.

On the way back, encountered local wildlife and said ‘hi’So now, it’s our celebratory lobster and steak dinner with champagne – last one, I suspect, for some time.

Last Day

Heading home with lists of things needed and things to do - should be back in August!







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