a man in his element 

 skipper Bill

our slip 

what it's all about 

 Took her out for a spin yesterday afternoon – a little foggy, but lovely nonetheless.  Bill thought we were just potting around, but the speedometer read 18 knots – enough to get us out of trouble if weather blew in.




My husband is some kinda boat mechanic!  Fridge is running, water is running (great hot shower this morning!) and now the air conditioning is operational.  AC on a boat?  You betcha buckwheat – when it’s an onshore breeze, it can be as stinky as in town!

 Still have not started cleaning the hull – did laundry this morning, purchased a Verizon mifi connector (2 days without the internet – excruciating!) and visited the previous owner of the boat who gave us a whole bunch of stuff and sold us a whole bunch more.  He and his wife were heartbroken – this boat had been their baby for 15 years.  It was very sad.  I assured them that we would take very good care of her.  When we get back to town, I’ll have to have Dave Vondra make up a name for her – Sweet Liberty – in old fashioned, circusy type letters.














the neighborhood 


Martha Stewart eat your heart out 

Fire Island Ferry 

You would not believe the amount of stuff we have been loading on to this boat.  It’s a wonder she’s still afloat.  Extra power cords, batteries, hoses, connectors, anchors, line life jackets, oars for the dinghy, cleaning equipment, canvas, poles, hooks, throwables, etc.  And that was just in the back seat of the truck – still have the 8 horse motor for the dinghy, gas can, boxes, and crates of god knows what  Where will we put the dogs?



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