Go east, old people! 

Beautiful Susquehanna 

Seidleman looking good from the ground 

congestion begins for the GWB  - 7:00 pm

8:30pm - is that the bridge? 

Free at last, free at last - great God awmighty, I think I have peritonitis!


Trip 1,  Day  2

 If this was not the day from hell, it was its twin brother.  We drove off from an underwhelming breakfast at the motel to see our 30’ Seidleman.  It looked great from the ground.  

After we scrambled nimbly up a ladder, I forgot that I had my camera.  The boat was missing part of the hatch – presumably the reason for the waterline in the interior of the boat to have risen halfway up the engine compartment and damaging much of the wood.  Of course, it was filthy – that’s an easy fix – the part that really got us going was that someone had walked off with the sails!  It was supposed to have a 4 sail inventory and we got a 0 sail inventory.  Well, it was off to chat with Don from Marine City, that outgoing used car salesman that sold us this tinker toy.  “Oh yeah, it had sails alright.  We’ll look into that for you” Uh huh.  Couldn’t waste any more time in the Erie Islands – had to trundle on to Long Island.

 I must say, the Alleghenies are beautiful, and the Susquehanna was gorgeous.  But we had miles to go (little did we know) before we slept.  ETA was 7 pm.  Around Wilkes-Barre we were absolutely astonished at the traffic snarl we witnessed in the opposite lanes (thank God.)  Believe it or not, this line went straight up the mountain for about 2 miles!

 Finally, we got into the New York flow of traffic, only to have it come to a screeching (literally) halt.  We were now in line for the George Washington toll bridge.  Of course, I had to pee.

We careen merrily with the rest of the madding crowd across New York City, rest stops and gas stations being mythological in this neck of the woods, zoom through the Bronx and guess what!

 Another line to pay the toll for the Throgs Neck bridge – only a 20 minute wait this time.  (For you kind souls that are concerned, it only took us 25 more miles to pull off 495 and find a gas station.)

Bill insisted on a sit down dinner.  The Airport Diner looked inviting.  Fooled again!  Bill said it’s just Long Island style cooking.  I said bad food was bad food anywhere in the world.  It was now 10:30 – checked into La Quinta and Bill is snoring happily.  I am committing deathless prose to email.   Go figure.

 With luck, this boat will turn out to be just fine – after all, we’re committed to living on it for the next several years.  Stay tuned – tomorrow is the great unveiling!



Trip 1 - day 3 

We love it.

Things that work: the engines – purr like a kitten.

Things that don’t work.

water pump.



Air conditioner.

(A lot of these problems were easily solved)

 Spent time getting to know the area – where to find food store, liquor store, Home Depot, Sears.  Grabbed some cleaning supplies, but need more – lined a few drawers, but need tons more liner for the rest,  And yes, everything out here is quite expensive, but no surprise there.  Apparently the economy is a alive and well on LI – the cigar boats rumble in and out of the harbor burning 3-4 gallons to the mile with no concern.  Yikes!

 Today will be cleaning for me, repairing for him  Gotta have water!  I’ve started to redecorate – not hard considering there’s very  little to do.  But it’s nesting and nesting is good.  More later.

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