has been our home since the 16th of November.  We have truly fallen in love with North Carolina and the folks that live here, but we are anxious to get home to our family and friends for a while, and will leave the boat here while we come home for an extended visit.  My lap is getting cold and needs a kid or 2 or 3 or 4 to warm it up!  We're packing the truck for the trip home and will leave as soon as Bill can winterize the boat.  The pictures on this pag4 are from around the marina on a particularly still morning (the 23rd.)  We enjoyed a comfortable Thanksgiving (63 degrees) and are supposed to get at least one more day in the seventies before reality sets in (fifties.)  The average temperature for Washington in January is 51 degrees.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the Golden Corral with our neighbor, John.

We intend to return in March, fire up, head out to the Outer Banks for fishing and then back to the safety and comfort of the ICW and the trip south.

Reflections in red 

Reflections in gold 

Here we are! 

 Mist burns off the river

 Beauty is everywhere

The pines not only smell divine, but are wonderful to overhear wnen they gossip in the wind 


Bow mirror 

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