We're Baaaaccckk......................

McCotter's is hard at work rebuilding!

As usual, we have no telephone reception and I have to run to the office to use the internet, but we are happy to be back!  Arrived Sunday around lunch time.  Boys are happy on the boat, Callie Ann Marie George loves her little kitty excursions on the dock, so everything is copacetic!

Well, not quite everything - the boat needs washing, but I'm saving that for last.  Going to put in an inexpensive carpet from Loew's, have already given away the little table, and today we dump the futon!  Once the salon floor is clear, I'll clean it and we can throw the carpet down - no more slip sliding away for the dogs.  Eventually we will replace the uncomfortable chairs, but for now, we're going to put our trunks in and store all the loose junk in them - talk about ship shape!  Can't wait to give you the before and after Martha Stewart photos!

Love taking pictures of this man when he doesn't expect it!

Amazingly, the boat is in excellent condition - a tribute to the man who winterized it.  Only glitch was the starboard engine wouldn't pop, and that turned out to be a battery swimming in rainwater - the top was ajar on the battery box.  Fortunately, his cleverness thought to bring an extra marine battery, so we're super!

Yellow labs aboard!

Mr. and Mrs. Osprey glare at the affrontery of our approach.

 Want to get the dinghy up and running so we can explore upriver and see where the eagles are nesting this year - just got real live 7' oars - just like in the movies!

Note water color and compare it as we head south!

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