Grampa in his element.....




Three little Indians on the first day of school - Micah, Billy, and Cora 






Grampa's BFF Jackson











































We arrived in Black Earth in June, moved in with Jamie and Melissa, the kids, and Jackson the dog, and basically stayed inside until September.  What a summer - it was cooler in Florida!!

Enjoyed watching the boys play la crosse, sail, and play football.  Took Jamie and Melissa's boat out on Mendota where the kids tubed and swam.

Visited Chris, Jaimie, Braelyn, Dylan, and Jaime's brother Michael in Sparta and later,they cane down to Madison and we spent the day at the zoo.

Trip home was pushed back several times, but finally we got underway - all the way to Kwik Trip on Mineral Point Rd!  Bill had put larger tires on the trailer, but the weight of the cargo and the small axle conspired to smoke the tires.  Three days and umpteen dollars later, master mechanic Hanson had installed a larger axle and we were on the road again.  I had come down with the mother of all colds, but insisted I wouldn't be any more comfortable at home than on the road, and we were off!










Melissa guards tje parade candy for Wild  West Days






Coach Dad - Jamie coaches football, hockey, la crosse, and sailing 






Think these guys might be related?




Cora  rides Prince 

Mommy Jaime and Braelyn 'do art' while waiting for lunch





 Who's this little punkin?








Daddy Chfis helps Braelyn see the lions 






Grampa and Gramma and Braelyn in a picture that gramma couldn't enlarge 

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